Laura Degn
b. 25 - 05 - 1999



Currently based in Silkeborg, Denmark



2016 - 2021 Århus kunstakademi (den 4 årige kunstuddanelse ) , Aarhus, Denmark

2017 Student at Aarhus Kunstskole, Byhøjskolen 14 august – 22    december 2017 



Selected exhibitions


2019 1-8 nov. Udstilling: XX00118Tt7 – Jupiter Gellerup, Den Gode by

 2019 15-17 jan.  Plastikos 

3-års udstilling på Århus kunstakademi (solo udstilling)





22.–24. aug.  Nordic culture camp - Kulturmødet Mors 




2017 2. okt. – 1 nov. OFF Track x ARoS Public 

Udstilling i Atelieret 




2017 5. – 6. Okt. Aalborg Surreal 



2017 5. maj – 1. juni YOUniverse, Aalborg




                                                      Artist statement


Many of my works have arisen from a fascination with the abject, and at the same time they are an examination of the poetic potential of the body. This is what happens in the clash between the two extremes: Beauty and the grotesque that interest me. What I am working on is examining the things we lose over time from the body like hair, skin and nails. This becomes abject only when it leaves the natural environment of the body, and becomes dead parts of ourselves that we may have difficulty relating to. My works appear as an abstraction that disputes the natural and unnatural body. Often with castings and imprints in materials such as latex, silicone and plaster. Where the body ideal is an overarching theme that goes through most of my works. Here I focus on getting settled with today's discourses for a particular body ideal. I myself agree to expand the body ideal, so that we can have a more relaxed relationship with "the free body".